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Trust in Us

Trust is hard earned and easily lost, especially in business. This is why it’s imperative that you remain vigilant over the protection of your confidential information.

Here are three ways to protect your clients, and your business, from identity theft.

1.       Implement a Records Management Policy

Simply put, make sure you know exactly how long to keep and when to destroy each document. Your policy should be clear on the retention time frame and final disposal requirement of each client file and these should be adhered to.

2.       Safe Storage

The theft of paper documents and client files is a real and often untraceable way of obtaining valuable information. With this is mind, you need to be aware of who has access to your customer’s details and this should be restricted to authorised staff only and the storage should be safe and secure.

Many choose to outsource this to a records management specialist because they are set up specifically to protect records and data. Barcode tracking services are employed, and access to the storage facility is screened. A document retrieval service also allows you to request documents, as and when you need them whilst maintaining a full auditable history of activity.

3.       Paper Shredding

Destroy all paper records when they are no longer needed. Keeping records too long increases the chance of theft. If you use a records management service they will let you know when documents are no longer needed, and can securely shred them for you.

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