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Wills and Deeds: Where are yours stored?

Wills and house deeds are immensely important documents, but they are also the kind of documents that remain forgotten until such time as they are required.

This makes it imperative that they stay safe and secure during that time, if access to a Will is delayed you could incur extra costs as well as additional emotional stress, and if property deeds are lost there are yet more extra solicitor and Land Registry fees – which could also lead to the delay of a house sale. And no one wants that!

There are many reasons to choose a records storage company to look after theses important documents for you, security and accessibility being just two.

For example, at Archive-Vault our storage vault has been three hour fire rated and each item is individually barcoded for secure point to point tracking. In addition to this you can retrieve your documents any time, day or night.

All of this means you can live your life day to day with the knowledge that when big life events happen you, your family or business can act quickly to help lessen the stress.

Where there is a Will, there is security and peace of mind – with Archive-Vault anyway!

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