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More space! More storage solutions! Archive-Vault grows its facilities in 2014

With the long-awaited economic recovery now showing real signs of a sustained return to better times for UK business many of our valued customers are now looking to expand their operations once more.  Recognising this positive and very welcome change in the business climate Archive-Vault have moved decisively to put our operations in a better position to accommodate this growing need.

As such we are delighted to announce the significant expansion of our custom storage facility to include an even greater volume of boxes and fire-proof vault storage.  This purpose built warehouse has been designed to provide the very latest in high security, efficient document storage.

With 2014 looking set to see the volumes of physical and electronic documents entrusted to us increase, we have made every effort to ensure that you can feel completely confident in the secure storage we provide – from physical threats, such as fire or theft, through to electronic safeguards Archive-Vault remains at the cutting edge of world-class safe document storage.

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