Will & Deed Storage

Do you know that if access to a Will is delayed, the extended legal process prolongs emotional trauma and financial suffering?  Are you aware that if you lose your property deeds, you will incur additional solicitor and Land Registry fees? Are you willing to postpone the sale of your house and risk your sale falling through?

Legal documentation is important across all aspects of our personal and business lives, which is why secure document storage is essential.  A legal document becomes immediately invalid if tampered with or defaced in any way, so you need to ensure yours are kept safe and accessible.


Whether you need to store wills, shares certificates, a life insurance policy, property deeds or more, we are a reputable storage company who understand the necessity of taking a few simple steps towards safe document file storage.

With our fire-proof vault storage facilities, we offer 24/7 access, a secure location, optional electronic back-up and most importantly, peace of mind.

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