Document Storage

Is your business up-to-date with current legislations that demand secure document storage?  Do you know it’s your business’ obligation to keep documents safe for a specified amount of time, if not forever?

Whether or not you are aware of your legal responsibility, our experience shows us that most offices lack the resources on-site to be able to ensure sensible document management and record storage.

Becoming the solution to your data storage problems, Archive-Vault is here to help with our professional document storage service.  Highly specialised, we will collect, organise, index, barcode, store and manage all of your documents at our secure facility.

No document storage project too big, we make the process of document archiving seamless and stress-free with five simple steps:

1. On-site collection of documents for archiving by our security vetted driver.

2. Full inventory provided of documents in storage, using our indexing service.

3. Allocation of unique barcode to each archive box, for point-to-point tracking.

4. Archive boxes placed in our purpose-built warehouse.

5. Access provided to our Client Web Server, to view and manage your full inventory.

Once your documents are stored with us, you gain access to our Client Web Server.  This allows you to take advantage of our fast and secure retrieval service, requesting deliveries and collections 24/7.

Additionally, you can also access our document scanning service, Scan on Demand, which provides immediate access to files online, whilst cutting down delivery costs.

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