Tape Backup Storage

Have you prepared a recovery plan for disasters, employee error or even sabotage?  Have you organised professional off-site data Tape back-up storage to keep your critical data safe?

Disasters and employee blunders are often unforeseen, which is why you require a robust disaster recovery plan in place to protect your data from being lost.  Archive-Vault can help with your recovery plan, by providing off-site data storage and data tape back-up rotation.

Ensuring all your data is protected when disaster strikes, each data tape is individually barcoded, indexed, transported in our secure media containers and stored in our fire-proof vault storage.  Responsive to any emergency day or night, we provide 24/7 access to your tapes.

Understanding that rotating media in and out of highly secure vault storage is the most effective way to preserve data, we allow you to develop a customised daily, weekly or monthly data rotation schedule to suit you.

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