At Archive-Vault we understand that data is the lifeline of a business.  We use our expertise in records management solutions to ensure your records are kept safe and secure.  Our top-level security stays one step ahead of external threats.

In addition to delivering the highest level of support in records management and document storage, we allocate you a dedicated Account Manager, ensuring you receive exceptional customer service and enabling us to tailor an individual security package to solve your document and data storage problems.

Document Storage

Helping you meet your legal responsibilities with ease.

Document Indexing

Putting structure into your document storage.

Scan on Demand

Placing records at your fingertips.

Will & Deed Storage

Safeguarding personal and business legal documentation.

Tape Backup Storage

Ensuring a robust disaster recovery plan.

Secure Destruction

Protecting clients’ records through the entire information lifecycle.

Archive Box Supply

Designed with strength and security in mind.

Additional Services

Alternative storage solutions to meet your needs.

Need storage help and advice? Contact us today on 01603 720722 or send us a message