Warehouse & Staff Vetting


Archive-Vault’s secure warehouse is an organised home for documents, which is why our tough security measures ensure we never negate the safety or integrity of your data storage.

Our purpose-built secure facility minimises risks with a cutting-edge intruder alarm and fire detection system.

Equipped with 24 hour CCTV, our storage facility has secure perimeters and an electric security gate which allows vehicles to collect and deliver archive storage in secure proximities.

Professionals down to the finest security details, our secure storage unit also includes locked fire-proof vaults for will, deed and data tape storage.

Staff Vetting

Archive-Vault’s employees play an important role in the document storage process, undergoing rigorous security checks prior to their employment.

Our vigilant staff vetting procedures apply the same level of robust security to on-site and off-site employees.

Whilst off-site uniformed delivery drivers arrive at your site with a clear badge of identification, our on-site employees ensure top-level security by accompanying visitors and contractors around our secure facility.

Additionally, Archive-Vault’s vehicle tracking system guarantees an unbreakable security process, by monitoring the exact location of our vehicles at all times.

By ensuring all employees uphold our security values, Archive-Vault satisfies clients’ security needs and provides peace of mind.

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