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Is your records management plan past its sell-by date?

Effective records management isn’t just about being able to lay your hands-on files when you need them. Hoarding documentation away in a back room, basement or attic not only costs you in terms of wasted office space but carries the real risk that you may be in breach of current data protection legislation.

As per the 5th principal of the 1998 Data Protection Act, personal data which you hold for any purpose must not be kept longer than necessary, while the 7th principal enshrines the need for businesses to take all appropriate action to safeguard the personal information in your care.

Very broadly speaking these two principles require you to have a robust records management system in place which ensures that a) any personal data you retain is destroyed when no longer required and b) you must have an effective system in place to safeguard any of this information falling into the wrong hands.

Sadly, many organisations are falling short on both counts – which is where the expert records management, dedicated document storage and secure destruction services that Archive-Vault provides can help.

Utilising our years of experience in managing both hardcopy and electronic records management we already help a huge range of small and mediums sized businesses meet their obligations for the UK and European Data Protection legislation.

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