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Protect your Staff and Business Information Security

The people you employ can be your business’s biggest asset, but sometimes they can be the down fall of your information security.

Employees often fall foul of believing that the safekeeping of company data falls solely in the laps of the IT department, but it really needs to be a company wide effort because even the smallest lapses can lead to the security of your company’s data being compromised.

Knowledge is key and it is down to you to ensure that your staff are aware of all the steps they can take to reduce the possibility of problems.

Here are a few tips we give our customers to share with their staff…

  • Make your password unmemorable

The choice of password is clearly theirs, but if it is a birthday or favourite pet ensure that uppercase and lowercase letters are used along with special characters. We also recommend that you make it compulsory to change passwords on a regular basis.

  • Speed is of the essence

With the volume of emails we all receive it can be easy to miss a potentially suspicious or damaging email. The quicker an email is reported and dealt with the less impact it could have on your network.

  • Old school theft still happens

With so much focus on the digital safety of a business’s data it’s easy to forget the risk to paper records. Thieves still break into cars to steal papers and reading over the shoulder during a train journey still occurs. Ask your employees to be vigilant when carrying their documents and hide them from plain view.

  • Use a secure document destruction company

A vast amount of time can be wasted by employees destroying paper documents through the offices own paper shredding devices, not to mention the cost involved in buying the machines and disposing of the waste. By recruiting the services of a professional company to collect and do this for you increases staff efficiency and your peace of mind.

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