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Professional Records Management: Where Is Your Archiving Stored?

Filing, love it or hate it, it’s an essential part of running a business. A smooth running filing system can be a thing of joy, but on the day a contract is signed or a project is completed the documents have to cross over to the other side…’The Archive’.

Where do you keep yours? The basement? The attic? Under your desk? This is often a forgotten space where boxes multiply and space diminishes; here are a few reasons as to why your archiving deserves a little more attention.

Upstairs or downstairs?

Often, these are seen as obvious storage spaces, but save this for office furniture and not for your important documents. Basements and attics often become a dumping ground for flammable materials such as cleaning supplies and paint, which coupled with papers and files are not a match made in heaven. It’s common to find dust, mould and mildew in these high and low storage areas. These are also not your friends in an archiving space.

Do it yourself?

Self storage units advertise as the perfect alternative to in-house business storage, however these units also don’t protect your documents from the risks of water damage, pests and other environmental threats. There is also little in the way of security, often with just a padlock between your records and the world.

The solution…

By outsourcing your records storage to a professional records management and storage company your files are stored in a purpose built facility, with security and fire detection. In addition, you are able to organise and access your documents at your convenience.

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