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Pension employer duties puts the spotlight on records management

April 2017 saw the UK Pensions Regulator publish details of the new record keeping requirements which all businesses must adhere to. As a consequence the in-house records management of many companies was thrown into the spotlight as another area where increasing data protection legislation is coming into play.

For businesses that aren’t yet aware of this new development concerning their obligations as pension providers, you can see an Adobe Acrobat version of the official publication from The Pensions Regulator by simply clicking here.

Essentially, the new employer duties are concerned with your legal requirements in the retention of the appropriate records concerning pensions. However, whilst at first blush this might seem like a relatively straightforward matter of data storage the practicalities of effective pensions records management – including retention, retrieval and timely destruction – can sometimes be a little more challenging. It’s here that using the professional records management services of a reputable firm like Archive-Vault can pay dividends.

Archive-Vault offers a completely secure, off-site document and data storage service which not only allows you to reclaim office space which is currently taken up by costly on-site storage but provides a fast, worry-free indexing and retrieval service to help you get your hands on any documents you require. Our experience with the secure management of highly confidential data makes us the perfect answer to your pensions records storage needs. In addition, we are able to provide a completely secure method of permanent data destruction once the retention period for your documentation has been reached.

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