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Moving office? Archive-Vault can help you crate up your worries

Moving offices or business premises shares a lot in common with moving house, such as: How are you going to lay your hands on the hundreds of old cardboard boxes that you’ll surely need to shift all the dusty stuff you discovered underneath the stairs?

Secondly, do you really want to be transporting your business critical documents, financial records and confidential paper files in cardboard boxes (the bottoms of which are almost certainly going to drop out as soon as you pick them up scattering your valuable records up and down the road)?

Don’t worry: as East Anglia’s premier document storage specialists our confidential crate hire service can provide you with all the help you’ll need.

Our study, high density plastic crates are purpose made for the safe and secure transportation of your paper files and other small office equipment needs. Archive-Vault can provide as many as required, delivering them direct to your premises when needed and retrieving them when you’ve finished the move.

For full details and a competitive quote for our crate hire simply get in touch today.

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