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Medical records storage issues? Our expert medical document management service is available without prescription

For NHS Trusts and GP surgeries available space is always at a premium. Budgetary restraints and rising costs mean that making the most efficient use of resources is high on the agenda for many healthcare professionals. While medical records storage is an absolute necessity for doctors and hospitals the large volumes of both paper files and electronic data which surgeries and NHS trusts need to operate effectively often take up significant amounts of space and administrative resources.

The answer to this problem is simple: Archive-Vault’s secure off-site medical records storage.

As a professional records management company with specialist skills in document storage and data management, Archive-Vault are the trusted medical document management partner for a number of healthcare providers and NHS trusts across East Anglia. We deliver a fast, reliable and completely secure record storage and retrieval service which can benefit your practice by freeing up valuable space whilst still enabling you to access the information you need, whenever you need it.

Safe and protected in our custom designed storage facility your medical records will be shielded from a multitude of physical threats – such as deliberate tampering, theft, fire and flood. Even more importantly, crucial electronic data is kept secure from online intrusion, hacking and even the kind of malicious, targeted “WannaCrypt” ransomware cyber-attack which crippled numerous NHS sites in May 2017.

While Archive-Vault’s medical document storage keeps your paper and data records secure, our fast and efficient retrieval service enables you to access files without problems. For hard copy records we offer a number of options for easy access – including standard, next day and even same day delivery. Our secure online Client Web Server (part of our records management system) allows instant data retrieval, including the ability to set restrictions on which practice staff can access patient files.

To find out more about how Archive-Vault can help with your medical records storage and document management simply get in touch today.

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