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Law Firms and the Challenge of Records Management

The legal industry is one that, through necessity and tradition, has found itself clinging onto paper records and for good reason. However, this makes law firms reliant on an organised and efficient records management strategy.

Lawyers often need to reference previous cases to identify precedence for various rulings and interpretations of evidence so access to the relevant files is a high priority. This means firms need document storage that provides quick and easy access to a vast number of highly sensitive files.

Almost all the information handled by law firms is of a sensitive nature. Meaning all records need to be stored in a secure way – leaked information could be devastating.

Controlling who has access to the files is also a consideration, allowing only authorised personnel into the storage facility, ensuring they are only able to access specific files at a time.

Long term storage can be another issue for law practices. With some files needing to be saved for extended periods of time it means that wherever they are stored needs to offer protection from dirt, dust and insects to keep paper records intact.

The records management issues which concern the legal industry are plentiful and can be difficult not to mention expensive to tackle. Outsourcing the document storage process to a specialist records management company can be the solution. Law firms can store files in a secure, controlled environment and still have access to their documents 24/7.

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