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Keeping on the right side of the General Data Protection Regulations

The principle of record keeping in business has been around since people first started trading goods and services. However, in today’s modern world businesses are rightly expected to comply with strict regulations designed to safeguard the data that they store regarding clients – much of which is highly sensitive personal information.

In consequence, having an effective and secure records management system in place is a crucial requirement for any business – the problem is though that many small to medium sized businesses often lack the resources of larger firms = many of whom can afford to employ dedicated staff to attend to their data protection and information governance needs.

Archive-Vault is delighted to provide a complete professional records management service which covers all elements of your company’s obligations under both the UK Data Protection Act and the newer European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  Proactively managing all elements of your document archiving needs we offer expert help with both initial indexing, secure storage in our custom-built facility, fast retrieval of information (as and when you need it) as well as a comprehensive document tracking and confidential destruction service.

As the trusted information governance and records management partner of a host of small to medium sized businesses you can feel assured that Archive-Vault will keep your company on the right side of the data protection laws – both today and tomorrow.

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