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It’ll never happen to me…

I know someone who works from their laptop and every now and then they have a reminder flash up on the right hand side of their screen that says “WARNING, You have no back-up system, your programs have not been backed up” A slight worry, most would think. But no, this person will get it sorted “at some point” and are safe in the knowledge “It’ll never happen to me…”

Famous last words, right?

This is extreme and most people and businesses back up their records and data every day, but playing devil’s advocate here, what are you doing to protect the medium on which you back up? A hard drive can be stolen, a fire can obliterate everything, and even an innocently spilt cup of tea can destroy a tape in an instant.

Protect you and your business by using a data tape storage company, such as Archive-Vault. Your tapes are transported in secure containers and are stored within a 3 hour fire rated vault.

We also know that rotating your back up data in and out of a highly secure vault storage is the key to preserving and recovering data, we offer daily, weekly or monthly rotation, which ever suits the individual needs of the business.

Let’s face it, things DO happen, just make sure they don’t happen to you.

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