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Is your Information Security strategy putting your business at risk?

For any business ensuring the security of your information management systems and processes is a no-brainer. As was evident from the recent global ransomware attack which took down hundreds of organisations around the world – including a number of NHS trusts here in the UK – criminals are increasingly targeting your business data as a way of making easy money.

The answer to having your business critical data or confidential electronic records held to ransom is actually simple: making sure that you regularly back up and store your all important data in a secure, off-site, location.

Archive-Vault can assist you with creating a robust information security process through our own secure data tape storage services. Individually bar-coded, indexed and transported in purpose built secure transportation containers, your data tapes are held in our fire-proof vault facility – completely isolated from any online contamination, no matter how virulent or widespread. By the regular rotation of data backup tapes – on a daily weekly or monthly basis, depending upon your own requirements – you can ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained with an information management security strategy that works.

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