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GDPR – How and Where are your Records Stored?

Despite the advances in 21st-century technology a huge number of businesses still rely heavily on physical records. Often for small firms, and even larger organisations, using paper for data storage is still the first option. However earlier this year, new European Data regulations redefined the relationship we enjoy with our beloved hard copy records.

While much ink has been spent outlining how the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) impacts the UK and European businesses, many companies are still blissfully unaware of how this new legislation affects them. A mistake which could have costly repercussions.

As specialist providers of secure information management and storage, Archive-Vault are at the forefront of ensuring that our client’s records are fully GDPR compliant – especially in the area of physical data storage. Essentially, the new European regulations place a heavy emphasis on both the security and usage of data – whether that is in a physical or electronic format. The secure storage of paper records – to ensure that they cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons – is a prime consideration. In addition, it is the business’ responsibility to know both where and how their records are stored. Individuals and organisations who fail to address these issues are liable under the new regulations to fines up to a staggering 4% of their global annual turnover.

Archive-Vault can help you negotiate the maze of the new GDPR legislation, avoiding the costly pitfalls that non-compliance can mean. Simply call 01603 720722 or email us on for a friendly, professional records management service you can trust.

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