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Forget spring – now is the time to clear out your old documents!

Halloween is over and the bonfire night fireworks from next door are once again littering your flower beds and lawn. So what’s next? Oh yes, Christmas and the New Year!

But, before you rush off to join the crowds of shoppers already madly cramming the high street, have you considered that now is an ideal time to think about your document storage situation? Unless you’re a turkey farmer the run up to Christmas can see a lull in the usual frantic business tide. What better time than to do a little housekeeping and start your business off on a better foot for 2015?

Archive-Vault offer an industry leading secure document and data storage solution for businesses just like yours. Our competitively priced service is ideal for simple files to highly confidential records – especially legal document storage for solicitors, attorneys, barristers and other legal professionals.

With our fast and accurate retrieval service you can also lay your hands on your stored records at anytime – enabling you to have the luxury of an offsite storage solution with the convenience of ‘right this minute’ availability.

Get in touch with us today and give your documents an early Christmas present!

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