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Need a fast document retrieval solution?

Our Scan on demand service will quickly fulfil your needs…

When it comes to storing paper records off-site many businesses are concerned that they won’t be able to lay their hands on a file or important document just when they need it.  Sure, you love the fact that your office is less cluttered and valuable commercial space isn’t being taken up by row upon row of filing cabinets – but what happens on the inevitable day when you need a certain document and it’s safely tucked away in a secure offsite facility?

With years of experience in records management and document retrieval Archive-Vault can offer you fast, easy access to your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our clever scan on demand service.

Our scan on demand service means that you can benefit from a cost-effective, off-site records storage solution – without all the hassle and expense of bulk document scanning – whilst still maintaining the convenience of speedy access to files whenever you need them.  How’s that for a fast document retrieval solution?

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