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What would you use extra space in your office for?

You’re at work, at your computer. There’s a coffee to the left, a stack of invoices to your right, an over flowing tray that you are going to sort in a minute (honestly!) multi-coloured post-it everywhere and you’ve forgotten what colour your desk is because there is so much… stuff! Doesn’t really seem to set the scene for a productive working day, does it?

But, it’s not just the immediate workspace, the entire working environment is incredibly important to employees morale and productivity, but before you call in a hot shot interior designer, there could be a simpler way.

Clear the clutter – paperwork storage is likely to take up the bulk of your office space, not to mention that as this begins to accumulate then so does the amount of office space your business needs to function.

Yes, you need it all, but do you need it right there, in the building with you. The answer is probably no. So, why not consider using a records storage service such as Archive-Vault? Your paper documents and files are collected, barcoded and securely transported to the storage facility. Each box reference is entered into a database and you receive a full inventory, making sourcing and retrieving your documents quick and easy, 24/7.

Some might even say it’s easier to use than before…

We say it’s time to reclaim your office space and let your archiving and records come and stay with us!

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