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In depth look: Our Client Web Server

Any records and data storage company knows that success is rooted in clients having trust that their confidential documents and tapes are in safe hands. We have developed a process which ensures our customers are happy every step of the way.

One element that has proven popular is our Client Web Server. This is essentially the end result for our clients. We have taken their documents, indexed, boxed and barcoded them and they are then placed in our secure warehouse protected from potential threats. Once this has been done the client can manage their archiving from their own online portal.

This service eliminates the need to keep a separate log of boxes and files; you are able to check your inventory status online – whenever you want. The whole process of searching for documents is streamlined and made more efficient. You can also run activity reports to make the process even more accountable.

Each user has their own username and password and you are able to set different permission levels depending on what you want them to be able to access. With the Client Web Server you are also able to request a collection, delivery or order new boxes. In essence, we take away all the hard work associated with archiving and data management leaving you with the part you need. Your records at your fingertips!

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