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Keep your critical financial documents safe AND save space with Archive-Vault!

For all types of business it is still a requirement to be able to store and retrieve paper files when necessary, including things such as tax returns, finance details, accountancy papers and supporting documentation. With the end of the tax year fast approaching this could be an ideal time to review your current arrangements.

Physical storage at your own premises may be unsuitable in many ways – documents and their storage paraphernalia (such as filing cabinets and secure storage bins) can take up a significant amount of valuable office space. Think how much space you would be able to free up for more productive and efficient use by simply outsourcing your document storage needs to a company like ourselves.

With our robust records management and retrieval system you needn’t worry about delays in laying your hands on the papers or documents when you need them. We provide a fast, efficient and completely reliable system when it comes to document retrieval.

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