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Has your business got a plan?

Every business wants to be more profitable, more efficient and ultimately more secure and by introducing a professional records management plan you can be well on your way to achieve this.

  • Be more profitable.

Costly office space can often be taken up by filing cabinets and you’ll also need someone to correctly label and file documents. As the business and paperwork grows so will the space you need.

A records management company, such as Archive-Vault, can take your archiving and store in a secure environment for a low monthly cost, freeing up your work space and resources.

  • Increase staff efficiency

Ever lost a member to staff to the Bermuda Triangle, otherwise known as the store room? It can be such a waste of time trying to locate past documents. When your document storage is outsourced to Archive Vault every box has a barcode which is logged and can be tracked quickly, 24/7.

  • Reduce your risk

It can become a legal nightmare if you dispose of a document too soon, or even hang onto it too long. By employing the services of a records management company they can provide you with advice and schedules which mean you are always adhering to legislation.

  • Keep private documents private

With a record management plan you can be confident that sensitive personal and corporate information is fully secure. Video surveillance, restricted entry and alarm systems all provide confidence and peace of mind.

  • Preserve documents

It doesn’t take much to destroy a paper document – fire, water damage or even a harmless cup of tea. Archive-Vault’s secure purpose built facility incorporates tough security measures and will never negate the integrity of data storage.

This is just the start of a records management plan, but you can see the benefits which could be brought to any business, large or small. Call us on 01603 720722 to put your records management plan in place.

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