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Have backup data tape rotation and storage problems got you in a spin?

Making regular backups for your critical business may seem easy but there can be many unanswered questions about data tape rotation and storage…

So, for those looking for a few simple answers, Archive-Vault has put together three of the most frequently asked questions (and most importantly the answers) without all that confusing techno-babble:

How often should I rotate my media tapes?

This depends on your individual business. Commonly, data backup tapes are rotated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your business size. Generally, the bigger the business the more frequently you should back up media tapes as single day’s trading could amount to a large volume of data to be lost in the event of a cyber-attack.

Where and how should my backup media tapes be stored?

Two words: offsite and securely! Physical threats (such as fire or flood) could destroy your backups if they are stored in the same location as your business. At Archive-Vault data backup tapes are held in a highly secure, fire-proof facility which is safe from both physical harm and online access.

How are my media tapes transported?

Backup data tapes are transported from your business using specially designed containers manufactured using superior features like custom-formulated rubberized resin. This helps protect media tapes from damage due to impact, vibration or contaminants.

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