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Our smart document management solutions make good business sense!

Maintaining a secure and effective document management system is an essential requirement for the smooth running of both your business and your office.

But what makes an effective information management system? Archive-Vault have put together a few hints on how using smart document management makes good business sense.

Get organised

Obvious as this sounds you’d be amazed at how many businesses lack an organised approach to handling the masses of records and documents they hoard away. Without a logical and organised approach to information management there is no way of knowing what documents or information is important and what can be happily disposed of. Start off by determining what records are ‘active’ and those which are ‘historical’. Some records may seem to fall into an intermediate category, in that they may not be needed on a daily basis but might be necessary to reference monthly, for example.

Determine what to archive & what to destroy

All businesses are subject to both UK and European data protection laws – very simply these not only outline what documents you must keep but, perhaps surprisingly, when you are legally required to destroy information that is no longer required. Faced with these two points you’ll start to realise why having a smart document management system in place is good business practice. It not only ensures that your office is operating efficiently but much more importantly eliminates the prospect of falling foul of the law.

It’s of critical importance that you have a robust information management system in place which identifies when a ‘historical’ document needs to be retained and when it must be destroyed. The time limits placed on this determination are very different depending upon the business sector or industry you work in – hence it’s always a good idea to get sound legal advice on what time scales are applicable to you.

Archive off-site

Using a specialist secure document management & storage service, such as Archive-Vault, to retain your records off-site offers a number of benefits – not least of which is the help and guidance they can provide when it comes to a comprehensive information management service. In addition, storing archived documents in our secure, custom built facility frees up valuable office space, whilst still allowing you to access records and data quickly and easily should you need to.

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