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Archive-Vault can help you unravel the riddle of records retention

Proper records management can be a confusing business for any size of company – especially when it comes to the vexing question of how long you need to hang onto your data or files for. Gone are the days when just holding onto every scrap of paper forever was an acceptable method of records storage. Today businesses are bound by UK and European legislation, which not only puts the onus on companies to ensure that customer data is appropriately safeguarded whilst in your care but is also destroyed when such personal information is no longer required.

As a consequence businesses who take a less than professional approach to their records management can easily find themselves on the wrong side of the law. In such circumstances, it’s no wonder that office managers and small business owners can end up confused over whether their in-house records storage solution is up to the job.

Don’t worry: Archive-Vault’s expert records management services are the full-spectrum solution to your document storage requirements. Our highly experienced and professional team can handle all aspects of records storage – including full records indexing and bar-coding – enabling every single item to be tracked, located and yes, even destroyed, when the set records retention time has been reached.

Whether your business records storage encompasses a single office or multiple departments, Archive-Vault will be happy to work with you to provide a records management system which is tailored to the precise needs of your company.

With Archive-Vault handling your record retention needs you can relax, safe in the knowledge that not only are your valuable documents and vital data being protected in a state of the art facility, but you can also access your records quickly should the need arise. The only question facing you then is what to do with all that lovely office space you’ve suddenly freed up?

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