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Archive-Vault Document Management Services – One less headache for you

It’s good practice for any organisation to keep an eye on the amount of files and confidential records they are storing – and not just in terms of the sheer volume of space these can take up. Proactively managing these files is especially important where there are legal obligations as to how long records should be retained for and, after this limit has passed, been disposed of.

Archive-Vault already helps a huge range of small and medium sized businesses like yours to keep on top of this issue with our comprehensive document management service.  By allowing us to take over the storage and administration of your historical files you can enjoy both peace of mind and one less headache to deal with. As part of this service we automatically notify you when a box or group of files is nearing the end of its retention period. Needless to say where we do destroy files this is done in strict accordance with EN 15713 standards.

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