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Accreditations – Where Credit’s Due!

Archive-Vault are delighted to announce that for the second year running we have passed our audit for our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

What do these accreditations mean to our customers?

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for quality management, ensuring that organisations have proven processes in place to meet customer requirements. By achieving this standard we believe it demonstrates how important quality assurance is to our company.

ISO 27001 is also an internationally recognised certificate for evaluating how securely an organisation manages and stores its information and data. For us, we believe this certificate gives our customers confidence that we can manage threats to their information and data. These threats have various guises. Some can be external, from hackers and viruses, but there can also be internal threats such as a disgruntled employee or simply forgetting to back up. Either way we have the ability to minimise the impact of these potential risks.

As a business dealing with the security of important and sensitive information on a daily basis we need our clients to have peace of mind that we comply with internationally recognised information security standards and that by continuing to achieve these standards we are also implementing ongoing improvements.

No matter what service you require, whether it’s records storage, scan on demand, data tape rotation or secure destruction you can be confident that with these ISO accreditations we are always up to date with new regulations and legislation within the information industry. All part of our commitment to offer our customers the best service possible.

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