We never leave a question unanswered, here are some we are most frequently asked:

Why is it important to store my documents with a PRISM International member?

PRISM International is the global provider of advocacy, education and networking services for the records and information management industry.  Bringing together the industry’s finest; PRISM International sets a professional standard for businesses.  Since membership of the worldwide organisation is voluntary, those companies who choose to enrol demonstrate true passion for the industry and concern for improving their operations.

Providing fantastic opportunities to network on a global scale, PRISM International members share best practices and invest time and energy into developing the overall industry.  By storing your documents with a PRISM International member, you will ensure your storage is being safeguarded by a company with the highest level of industry knowledge and experience.   If you would like to learn more about PRISM International, please visit: http://www.prismintl.org/

Is there a minimum amount of documents I have to store with you?

No, we understand that record storage arrives in all shapes and sizes, which is why we cater for all.  We accept any number of boxes, files or data tapes and understand that all documents require the same level of security.

Is it easy to retrieve a file or box which has been archived?

We have ensured retrieving your document storage is a simple, hassle-free process.  Our online Client Web Server, is a service we offer to clients, enabling them to manage their own inventory and access our fast digital retrieval service. Available day or night, the advanced software gives clients the power to place orders for delivery or collection, track the status of orders, run queries and print reports at their own convenience.  Alternatively, requests for retrievals can also made direct to us via email.

How swiftly can I retrieve my file, box or data tape?

As a successful document management service provider, we understand the need for quick and easy access to your safe storage.  Therefore, in addition to our standard delivery, we also offer same-day, next-day and out-of-hours delivery to suit you.   Should an unforeseen emergency situation arise, we can even return your records within 3 hours.

Able to physically deliver a file or box, we also offer clients a unique Scan on Demand service which provides fast and secure digital retrieval of a file.  Alternatively, our supplementary DX Exchange service is available via subscription, providing an overnight secure delivery service which guarantees pre-9am delivery.

I only need to store my documents on a short-term basis, what happens afterwards?

Experienced in secure disposal, our confidential destruction service ensures we record the destruction dates of your documents on our system, proactively notifying you when boxes or files are nearing the end of their retention period.  The documents are then securely and confidentially destroyed in accordance with EN15173 (European Standard for Information Destruction) and sent for recycling. We also issue you a detailed Certificate for Destruction for your records.

Can Archive-Vault help with storing my personal Will?

Yes, we store Wills for private customers because we understand legal documentation spans across both personal and business lives.   Customers are able to choose between paying for storage annually or taking advantage of a discounted life-time rate.