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3 key strategies for every business…

From day one a business accumulates data and records which are essential to the running of a successful company. However, it can be time consuming and costly to manage in house – and that’s not including the potential financial and legal risks of losing records or data being damaged.

There are 3 strategies you can apply which can help ensure your documents and data are secure whilst significantly reducing the possibility of loss and damage.

1.    Securely store your data tapes

Sure, you back up. Yes, you back up daily. But what about protecting your back tapes? Hard drives, tapes and portable media are susceptible to risks such as theft, humidity, dust and UV contamination and loss. At Archive-Vault we store our customers data tapes in a climate controlled, 3 hour fire rated vault ensuring the long term preservation of your data. In addition to that, before your tapes enter the facility they are barcoded for easy tracking and retrieval.

2.    Store and manage your paper documents offsite

Paper records physically take up a lot of space and management time. Is your costly office space taken up with filing cabinets? You can free up space and staff time by out sourcing this to a professional records storage company like ourselves; our warehouses are specifically designed for the long term and secure storage of your documents.

3.    Destroy expired documents

Once your paper records have reached their expiry date they should be securely shredded. If not, you are at risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This makes document destruction just as vital as the storage of it.

A professional records management company can provide you with these strategies to ensure that you protect your business’s personal information from theft, loss and disaster.

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