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3 good reasons to outsource your document storage to Archive-Vault!

Even in the 21st century, with most of us choosing to keep our important information and documents electronically, paper records are still an inescapable fact of life. For many organisations and businesses holding onto paper records or other physical media is not only desirable but in some cases a legal necessity.

In these instances there are 3 excellent reasons why you could benefit from using Archive-Vault document storage:

1.┬áSpace – By moving your archived records to our custom facility in Rackheath you can free up valuable space in your own premises

2. Security – When it comes to secure document storage Archive-Vault are experts at keeping your sensitive paper files safe from all kinds of threats including fire, flood, theft or unauthorised access.

3. Speedy access – With Archive-Vault’s custom designed indexing and retrieval methods we can provide the documents you need as quickly as if they were stored at your own premises…maybe even quicker!

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